Heian-Period Chronicles (Old Diaries, Historical Documents)


Database in kundoku (“Japanese” or explanatory reading) of the full texts of diaries and other old records from the middle part of the Heian period. Now available (as of May 2021) are the following:
Hachijō Shikibukyō Shiki (diary of Prince Motoyasu);
Taikō gyoki (diary of Fujiwara no Onshi);
Shamon Chūzōki (diary of shamon Chūzō);
Motokata kyōki (diary of Fujiwara no Motokata);
Chikanobu kyōki (diary of Taira no Chikanobu);
Naritokiki (diary of Fujiwara no Naritoki);
Fujiwara no Nobutakaki (diary of Fujiwara no Nobutaka);
Shōyūki (diary of Fujiwara no Sanesuke, 16 parts; now available are parts 1-12, which covers the period 977 to 1023, some portions lost);
Gonki (diary of Fujiwara no Yukinari);
Midō Kanpakuki (diary of Fujiwara no Michinaga);
Ichijō tennō gyoki (diary of Emperor Ichijō);
Sakeiki (diary of Minamoto no Tsuneyori. 11 parts; now available are parts 1-8, which covers the period 1009 to 1032, some portions lost);
Shunki (diary of Fujiwara no Sukefusa) ;
Ujidono Gyoki (diary of Fujiwara no Yorimichi);
Nitōki (diary of Fujiwara no Norimichi);
Gosuzaku tennō gyoki (diary of Emperor Gosuzaku);
Sadaie Asonki (diary of Taira no Sadaie);
Morozane kōki (diary of Fujiwara no Morozane);
Gosanjō tennō gyoki (diary of Emperor Gosanjō);
Kanji ninenki (unknown author);
Suenaka kyōki (diary of Fujiwara no Suenaka);
Takashina no Naka-akiraki (diary of Takashina no Naka-akira);
Kiyohara no Shigenoriki (diary of Kiyohara no Shigenori).
This is scheduled to be followed by parts 13-16 of the Shōyūki, parts 9-11 of the Sakeiki, and Sandai gyoki (diary of Emperor Uda, Emperor Daigo, Emperor Murakami).
A digital reproduction of the Saikyūshō, a hand-written copy of the Heian book of rites Saikyūki, which contains numerous fragments of ancient records such as the Daigo tennō gyoki, Rihō ōki, and Kyūreki, is currently available.

This database is a part of research results supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number JP18K00947.

Data Count:
14,907 items
(As of May 2021)

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