How to Register (No procedures are necessary to use the databases other than those below)

Databases for which online applications are required

■Accessing from outside of Nichibunken:
"Letters Addressed to Inoue Tetsujirō" ※“Old Maps of Nagasaki” was closed.
【How to apply】
At the “Application for Database Use” page, click the “New User” button, filfl in the requested information on the form, and submit your application. Applicants will receive an email confirming or denying access to the database.
  • ※ Please be aware that only persons, either in Japan or overseas, who seek use of the database for research in Japanese studies, will be favorably considered.
  • ※ The information you provide for this application will not be used for any purpose other than as application for database use.

Databases for which an email inquiry is required

■When you wish to use the database at Nichibunken or from outside Nichibunken:
“Civil Judgments (1868-1890)”
Applicants for use should write to the email address below to request a “Use Application Form”. Please send us details about yourself, your reason for use of the Civil Judgments (1868-1890), and a description of the content of your research in the text of your message.
【Request at the following address】
database* (Please replace * with @)