List of Nichibunken Database (in Alphabetical Order)

Databases Open for Public

Bibliography of Family History and Historical Demography
Catalogue of pre-1900 Western-language Publications Related to Japan
Catalogue of the Research Center for the History of Sino-Japanese Relations
Chirimen-bon (Crepe-Paper Books)
Civil Court Rulings Files
Dainichi Buddha in Emaki Scrolls
Early Modern Illustrated Encyclopedias
Early Photographs
Emaki Heiji Monogatari (Tale of Heiji) Scroll Digital Restoration
Emakimono (Picture Scrolls)
Enpon (Ukiyo-e Shunga)
Folklore Illustrations
Folktales of Strange Phenomena and Yōkai (Ghosts, Monsters, Spirits)
Genji Monogatari (1654 Version) in the Library of Congress Collection
GIS Archaeology
Heian Jinbutsu Shi (Who's Who in Old Kyoto)
Heian-Period Chronicles (Old Diaries, Historical Documents)
Illustrated Record of the Iwakura Embassy 1871-73
Illustrations of Historic Places in Kyoto
Illustrations of Strange Phenomena and Yōkai(Ghosts, Monsters, Spirits)
Japanese Art Overseas
Japanese Lexicon Research Publications
Kinsei Kijinden (Prominent Figures of Our Times)
Kojiruien Page Search System
Kojiruien Full Text
Korean Photo Picture Postcards
Kyoto Festivals and Customs
“Large Maps”: WebGIS High-resolution Aerial Photos
Letters Addressed to Inoue Tetsujirō
Maps drawn by Mori Kōan
Medieval Zen Texts
Namazu-e Collection
Nara Ehon in the Library of Congress Collection
Nichibunken Map Collection
Noma Archives (Rare European Medical Books)
Old Maps of Nagasaki
Overseas Images of Japan
Overseas Japanese-language Newspapers
Paintings of Strange Phenomena and Yōkai (Ghosts, Monsters, Spirits)
Rare Books and Maps on Japan in European Languages
Renga Association Examples
Sōda Archives: Pictorial and Miscellaneous Materials
Tanzaku, or Poems by Noteworthy Kyoto Personages
Ukiyo-e Geijutsu
Ukiyo-e in the Library of Congress Collection
Ukiyo-e Prints of Miracles of Kannon

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